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To promote the growth of online business, it is very important to have good marketing strategy. Today we have so many social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram where one can connect with their customers and boost your sales and leads.



Facebook, is by far the most popular social media website or we can say that Facebook itself increased the social media that today almost each individual is having an account on Facebook. Per the latest figures, there are almost more than 1.5 billion active monthly users. Facebook provides various features like Page creation and other advertising ways to promote your business.



YouTube can be used to promote the online business by making videos for the business specific. Today various YouTube bloggers earning a lot amount of money just by making videos related to their business.



Instagram can be used to eliminate clutter, highlighting products and services in visual way. You can also use Instagram to push the data to other social media like Twitter and Facebook. This is becoming more popular social media network nowadays with more than 500 billion active users.



LinkedIn is widely used for job searches and professionals, it is more importantly used in businesses those are related to studies or some training courses.



Twitter is very famous nowadays, almost all the big politicians or movie stars and other high profile people are widely active on twitter because of its ease in use and popularity among the nation and worldwide. One should need to have attractive tweets, so that people stop and click through your tweet.



Pinterest is driven through image advertising only. It is image based, idea driven platform. Pinterest is mostly famous amongst bloggers and fashion brands. It requires huge attention on the image shown to customers having the adequate information for the users to get attractive to your business.

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